3 Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain at Home

3 Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain at Home

Neck pain is a common complaint these days because so many of us sit in front of a computer or are bent over our phone for extended periods of time.

At The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care, our spine specialist Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, FAAOS specializes in a range of treatments for spine-related neck pain. Dr. Bo can also provide you with resources, including daily exercises you can do to relieve acute pain that results from muscle strains and poor posture.

Here are three exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home to relieve pain and prevent a worsening of your condition:

1. Neck rotation

You can do neck rotation exercises while you’re standing or sitting. With your back straight, gradually turn your head to the right as far as it will go without increasing your pain.

Once you reach your limit, hold the stretch for five seconds before slowly bringing your head back to center. Then repeat the movement with your neck moving towards the left.

For this stretch and all exercises below, don’t overextend yourself. Stop any time the stretch is too painful.

2. Forward neck bends

Sit or stand while facing your head forward. Slowly lower your chin down toward your chest. Keep your eyes looking downward as you move only your head towards your chest.

When you flex forward as far as is comfortable, hold the stretch for five seconds then gradually return your head to its original position.

3. Backwards neck bends

Start out with your head in a center position. Gently begin moving your head back as you look upward. Bring your head back as far as it can go comfortably. Hold your position for five seconds before releasing your head back to the starting position.

Try to work these exercises into your daily routine, especially while you’re sitting at a desk or whenever you’re feeling muscle-related neck fatigue or pain. The more you do these neck stretches, the more comfortable you will feel.

Try extending your hold time to 10 seconds as you progress with your exercise routine to experience even more benefits.

How to prevent neck pain in the first place

If your neck often feels stiff or sore because of long periods of sitting, try to get up and walk around every hour. If possible, do some neck stretches as you walk. You should also adjust your computer to eye level and practice good posture when sitting and standing.

If you wake up with a stiff neck, invest in a high-quality pillow that keeps your neck in proper alignment with the rest of your body. Dr. Bo can recommend a good pillow to use to prevent neck pain in the mornings.

When your neck pain is persistent or getting worse, even with home care, don’t put off an evaluation with Dr. Bo. He uses advanced technology to identify conditions like a herniated disc, arthritis, and spinal stenosis that can contribute to chronic neck pain.

We also specialize in nonsurgical therapies, as well as robotic and minimally invasive spine surgery to treat the root cause of your neck pain, so you can get back to living a physically active life.

Call The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care office near you to schedule a neck pain evaluation or book a consultation online today. 

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