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“Dr. Okubadejo performed a fusion on my mom for back pain that she’s been having for years. She’s now walking and more active than I’ve seen her in quite some time. Just want to thank him for his dedication to his patients. He took good care of my mother. “ — Mark C.


“I had a double cervical spine fusion on my neck. Before the surgery, I had terrible pain in my upper back, my arm and I had no strength in my arm. As my job required me to use the computer all day, the pain got worse as the day went on.

After the surgery, I felt 100% better. No pain at all. My neck flexibility is better than I expected.

Dr. O has done a wonderful job! He has the best bedside manner ever! Not only is he nice, the office manager is lovely and caring too.” — Kit B.


“I have been suffering with back pain for over six years. I was referred to Dr. Okubadejo by my lawyer. I can’t thank either one enough. Dr. Okubadejo was very professional explaining the entire situation and procedure. I had a LS S1 fused by Dr. Okubadejo on February 13, 2013. It is May, 18, 2013 and I am able to walk, stand and even ride a bicycle pain free. Dr. Okubadejo, you are a gift from god. Thank you” — Jorge Sanchez


“I had three herniated discs, one with huge effacement but I waited a little too long that my walking was compromised. I work in healthcare so I am little cautious about selecting a surgeon. Then I found Dr. Okubadejo. He was professional, straight to the point, answered all my concerns and very caring towards his patients. It’s almost three years since the procedure and I totally ‘turned the corner’ smoothly. There were a few setbacks during recovery, but nothing to do with surgery. Now, I’m back on my feet, ready to put on m cap again. I sincerely thank Dr. Okubadejo and his staff for their very professional and efficient approach.” — J.J.


“I had pain in my right arm due to a cervical spine problem. Before I went to see Dr. Okubaedjo, I had physical therapy and injections with no relief. My only hope was surgery. I was nervous, but the moment I met my surgeon I felt that I was in good hands. My surgery was on November 25th and today at my follow up appointment Dr. Okubadejo showed and explained what he did for me. I no longer have to wear my orthopedic collar! I asked him if I can travel to Colombia, and he told me YES! I hugged him. I was so happy. He is so wonderful and sweet.

Thanks so much doctor!” — Bertha E.


“Today is December 19, a few days away from Christmas and my wish has finally come true. When I met Dr. Okubadejo, I wasn’t able to enjoy the holidays because of very bad lower back pain. I was miserable and always in pain. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I closed them I had a lot of pain. Since Dr. O completed the surgery, my whole life has changed. I am not in pain anymore. I enjoy doing everything now that I am able to walk pain free. I’m a happier person today which makes such a difference in the quality of life I live. Thank you Dr. Okubaedjo from the Schuck family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” — Martha Schuck


“After a few weeks of physical therapy the pain in my body wasn’t getting any better but was actually worse from before my physical therapy. Finally, I got an MRI done and set up an appointment with Dr. Okubadejo and he found one of cervical discs was pinching on my verse which caused shooting pains down my right arm and entire body. Dr. Okubadejo set my date for the operation. After I woke up, I felt like a new man with no pain, which was such a relief. I owe this doctor everything. He is the man.” — Frank


“I was originally skeptical about getting surgery. I was afraid and not sure of what the outcome would be especially being 33 years old and working in an extremely face-paced environment such as Sales & Marketing. Dr. Okubadejo made me feel safe and secure. The assurance he gave me really put me in a positive place mentally and emotionally, so I could move forward with the surgery.

After surgery, I had some pain but Dr. Okubadejo gave the necessary medication to help me temporarily. By this I mean, it wasn’t something I had to take for the rest of my life. Dr. Okubadejo also help me overcome some fears I had with respect to my future health, mobility and strength by offering kind words and consistent help that kept me in a positive mindset.

There are no words that can express the appreciation I feel for the new life and help Dr. Okubadejo has given, along with his guidance and expertise to help me be pain free with a surgery that is normally viewed as insensitive and life altering.

After my last visit, which was only eight weeks post surgery; I felt so good, I actually asked him if I could go dancing! I feel better than ever and I look forward to continuing to progress even more. Thank you Dr. O!” — Michelle Rivera

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