5 Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery for Chronic Back Pain

5 Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery for Chronic Back Pain

Sometimes the only way to relieve chronic back pain is with surgery. If you’re a candidate for spine surgery, you can rely on the expertise of our board-certified spine surgery Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, FAAOS,

At The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care, Dr. Bo specializes in the latest advancements in spine surgery techniques, including robotic spine surgery. This minimally invasive approach offers many benefits over traditional open surgery and can give you a new lease on life.

What to know about robotic spine surgery

During robotic spine surgery, Dr. Bo controls a set of robotic arms with a computer monitor. He maintains complete control over the arms while repairing or removing soft tissues or bone in your spine or joints.

The robotic arms hold specialized surgical instruments that fit through very small incisions in your body. The instruments also contain a tiny camera that sends real-time images of the surgical site back to a computer monitor. Dr. Bo watches the monitor throughout the procedure to operate with a high level of precision.

Using robotic surgery techniques, Dr. Bo can relieve chronic spine pain that results from:

Typically, surgery isn’t the first treatment strategy we use to relieve your pain. However, you might be a candidate for robotic spine surgery when medications, physical therapy, and other nonsurgical strategies aren’t working well, and your back pain persists.

The 5 benefits of robotic spine surgery

Robotic spine surgery offers five key benefits over traditional open surgery. These benefits include:

1.Smaller incisions

Because Dr. Bo only needs to make small incisions to access your spine, there’s less trauma to the healthy tissues nearby. Smaller incisions also mean there’s less risk for large, noticeable scars after surgery.

2. Less bleeding and pain

Less trauma to your body during robotic spine surgery means you won’t have as much bleeding during your recovery as you might with traditional open surgery. Robotic spine surgery also limits damage to surrounding tissues, so you’ll have less pain during your recovery.

3. Less risk for infection

Infection is a common risk with any surgery. However, because you only need small incisions during robotic spine surgery, your risk for infection is lessened because your incisions heal quickly.

4. Shorter recovery time

After robotic spine surgery, you need less downtime for your incisions to heal. You can expect to start your rehabilitation. A shorter recovery time also allows you to get back to your usual routine sooner than you might after traditional surgery.

5. Better surgical outcome

The robotic surgery technology Dr. Bo uses for your surgery allows him to repair your spine with a high level of accuracy. This accuracy increases the efficiency of your surgical outcome, so you can achieve significantly less back pain and neck pain. You can also enjoy greater spinal function after your recovery is complete.

Call the The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care office near you to find out if robotic spine surgery is an option for you or book an appointment online today.

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